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for maintaining a good website

about this site

This site has been created by our team at eyedea studio, with plenty of feedback from our clients and colleagues. It is part of a small collection of resources we call ‘site helpers’.

Over the years, we have written numerous manuals, collected links and resources, answered many questions. Usually available only to our clients via our private project log, we have had such good feedback on our support material! And we had many requests to share this with others that we we decided to put this together as a little support site for our clients — and everyone else is welcome too ;)


If you have any questions – or just want to say hi – please feel free to use the contact form on our studio’s website.

Site helpers, overview

For your info – site helpers consists of three different sections:

  1. WordPress Manual
    Manual for beginners, covering the main admin functions as found in a default set up of WordPress.
    (note to our clients: as part of your website, you will still receive your own custom manual from us on project completion, for the bespoke set up of your site.)
  2. WordPress Q&A
    Organised into 4 topics, this site allows you to ask any WordPress-specific questions. Open to all, anyone is welcome to post and reply. You can jump straight in and ask a question, or choose a topic and search for existing questions and answers.
    (note to our clients: this applies mainly to general WordPress issues, please email us with issues specific to your site.)
  3. tips & links
    Collected links to useful reading and references – covering topics such as writing good web copy, SEO and social media considerations.
    (please do take some time to read up on the creation of content to understand the aspects specific to publishing on the web.)

We hope you will find these little sites useful :)