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By launching your site, you are publishing your content to the public domain. While you are free to post what you wish – do consider any legal implications that might apply. This will depend very much on the purpose and audience of your website.

If you are a charitable organisation, for example, your website will likely need to comply with a certain level of the WCAG directives.

references to relevant legislation:

Typically, for most small to medium websites offering products and services to local and national audiences, the website should include the following:

  1. Terms of Service
  2. Terms & Conditions / Delivery Details / Returns & Cancellation Policy
  3. Privacy Statement
  4. Accessibility information
  5. Disclaimer (for third party content)

Here are a few links to references and resources, as well as some samples for you to read through. As a very minimum, you should cover both accessibility as well as privacy in your statement.

How to write good statements for privacy & accessibility:

Templates, tools & examples

please note: this is not an endorsement of any of the listed items per se.
Consider these references, mere examples to learn from, rather than tools you have to use.

Hopefully you will find these links useful – we would recommend that you edit all text to fit your project. Try to make these formal text copy sound less impersonal and cold, and more people-friendly – fitting the spirit of your project, of course :)

You might want have a look at our legal info page for reference ~ our wording is a little more friendly than some of the examples listed.