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A few articles to help you along with the SEO of your site ~ more relevant once your site is updated, of course ;)

Bear in mind that it is primarily good and up-to-date content that will help you with your ranking in search engines. Your priority and focus needs to be on good content. Short, succinct titles with well written posts will go a long way :)

useful reading:

  1. The Beginner’s Guide to SEO (mozilla)
  2. SEO tips for beginners – 15 ways to Google boost your web site (reliablesoft)
  3. Top 10 SEO copywriting tips for getting high rankings (reliablesoft)
  4. Top 25 DIY Tips for Better SEO (CIO)
  5. SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2014 (hobo internet marketing)
  6. Does responsive web design make you more money? (econsultancy)

linking – good practice:

  1. Links: Don’t “Click Here” (webaxe)
  2. Why Your Links Should Never Say “Click Here” (Smashing Magazine)
  3. I Don’t Want to Read More or Click Here (Karen Mardahl)
  4. Don’t say ‘click here’ on link text (
  5. Links and Hypertext (WebAIM)
  6. Click Here and Other Link Text (Jim Thatcher)