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step-by-step: text links

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An introduction for those who need it, and a little reminder for those who don’t  :)

This is very quick step-by-step on how to edit any text or phrase as useful, easy-to-use and prompting link. Do check out the article on “adding links, the right way.” for more information about linking and phrasing.

  1. type the text to be linked
    ideally, this will be worded in a prompting and encouraging tone.
  2. copy the URL of the source to be linked
    if linking to a webpage: view in browser and copy link from address bar
    if linking to a resource: upload file and copy URL
  3. select ‘add link’ from the editor’s options and paste the URL
    this function is either a small button showing a link icon, or can be selected via right-click on selection
  4. click enter to confirm
    the text’s appearance will then be shown in blue with an underline, visually distinguishing itself as an active link